Scheduled Delivery

At SORC LOGISTICS, we understand that the modern world demands flexibility and convenience. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Scheduled Delivery Services – a tailor-made solution designed to empower you with control over your deliveries. With this service, you can plan and receive deliveries at your preferred times, ensuring your busy schedule remains uninterrupted.

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what makes us different

The values we live by

Your Convenience, Our Priority

Life is hectic, and we're here to simplify it. Our Scheduled Delivery Services allow you to choose a delivery window that aligns seamlessly with your daily routine.

Say Goodbye to

No more endless waiting for deliveries. With our scheduled option, you can rest assured that your package will arrive when you're available to receive it.


Whether it's weekdays, weekends, early mornings, or evenings, the power to decide lies in your hands. We offer a range of delivery slots to suit your unique lifestyle.


Busy week ahead? No problem. Book your delivery in advance and know that your package will be there exactly when you need it.

No Missed

Tired of missed deliveries? Our Scheduled Delivery Services ensure that you're present to receive your package, eliminating the need for redelivery attempts.

Industries We Serve

At SORC LOGISTICS, our Scheduled Delivery Services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, online shoppers, healthcare, and individuals. Whether it's delivering crucial business essentials without disrupting your workday, ensuring your online purchases arrive when you're available, aligning medical deliveries with your health needs, or timing personal delights for special moments, we put you in control of your deliveries. Your schedule, your terms – that's the promise of SORC LOGISTICS.

Business Essentials

Important documents, office supplies, and materials can now be delivered at times that won't disrupt your workday.

E-commerce Solutions

Online shopping becomes even more convenient as you choose when your purchases arrive – ensuring you're home to receive them.

Healthcare Support

Prescription medications, medical equipment, and supplies can be scheduled to align with your health needs.

Personal Delights

Gift deliveries, special surprises, and even groceries can be conveniently timed for the perfect moment.

For more information and to schedule your next delivery, reach out to us. Your schedule, your terms – only with SORC LOGISTICS.